Song of the Day: Rescue by Women of Faith

With so many things swirling around in my life the still, constant things are God and my family.  I like so many of these residency programs.  I wish there was just one that was much more awesome than the rest- but there aren’t.  I’ve been happy every place I have been. I make friends with people in new places quickly.

God yet once again gave me a “that verse, that’s for ____” moment in church yesterday.  I remembered today that God told me that and the person responded with “As always right on time! Thanks!!”  God sent out a message and yet once again, through His grace, I tuned in and heard it.  Wow! Wow that He would entrust me with passing along a message. Wow that He would be okay with using this broken vessel.  Thank You Jesus.

I had a great weekend filled with family, friends, food, and happiness.  I love my family so much. I love that God has given me such a great life.

But despite all that swirling around in my mind, the part of the song that says ” This world has nothing for me (I will follow You)” rings so true in my heart.  This world holds so much, and yet I still want Him more.  I will follow Him.  I will seek after His Will.  I want Him more than any thing else.


You have come to my rescue over and over again.  Thank You so much for You love and grace.  Thank You for the privilege to be used by You to encourage others. I love You Jesus.  I thank You Jesus. There is none like You. 

Rebekah M. 

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