Calm Before the Storm

I just keep wondering… what is this storm? Nothing seems to be out of place. One of my friends is convinced it’s all the random non-church guys who have been in my life lately. For a girl who’s felt ignored by guys all her life, it certainly has been interesting.  One of the nurses asked me about one of the guys from last week. She said she thought we were “together together” LOL! I was like… I had never seen him before in my life before last week.  Apparently we clicked a lot?

Would God really make my trial all about non-church guys chasing after me? I remember calling my prayer partner up laughing. It just seems like that would be the most hilarious thing if the next big trial of my life is being inundated with date offers from non-church boys.  Every girls’ dream would be my trial. Although I will admit it seems as if there has been one new one every week… this week was a fellow almost-doctor who had been a Chinese History major in college and even lived in Taiwan (where my family comes from) for a few years teaching English.  I felt things click a LOT with him. How wouldn’t it with a joint passion for medicine and Taiwan? But I worked hard to keep myself away from him because I want God more and he did not portray himself as one who knows Christ.

Will God allow testing to come into my life in the form of guys? I have no clue.  All I do know is that as I gear up for battle I just need to re-capture my devotion and spiritual discipline I had early this year.  Prayer three times a day.  A weekly fast day.  Daily Bible reading.  Daily sermons.


Help me gear up for battle now.  Help me prepare for whatever is coming down the road.  Lead me. Use me. I am Yours. I love You with all my heart. 

Rebekah M. 

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