Boldly, Blindly

This might quite possibly be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen ever. I mean ever. In the whole entire history of ever. Well, maybe not, but it’s definitely up there.

Ever see a flash mob? When one person starts randomly dancing in a public place, and then more people join in as the song goes on? Well this one was singing instead of dancing. And not just any singing – Christmas singing! And not just any Christmas singing; this one has full-blown rejoicing in Jesus Christ kind of singing! In a mall, of all places!

I’m from the politically correct northeast, so my first thought upon seeing this clip was “this is going to last about 10 seconds until mall security shows up and stops them.” When that didn’t happen, my other thought was “this is definitely not a mall in New England.” When I saw the reaction of all the mall-goers, I decided this was one of the coolest clips ever (in the history of ever).

See, we Christians are so veiled in politically correct behavior. We often don’t dress differently from anybody else (some do, but a vast majority don’t), so we aren’t really used to standing out. We are told that religion is a taboo conversation topic and we don’t talk about Jesus regularly for fear of being judged by the world. Sure, we witness….but publicly? Regularly? As in just showing up and starting to speak? Usually not. Usually when we witness it’s a small, calculated, controlled thing. Often it’s even a one-on-one thing.

These people defied that. They had no idea who was listening or what would happen. But they still stepped out of the politically correct zone in which we live, and celebrated the birth of their king by singing out to any and all who would listen. And were they shunned? Were they judged? Were they ridiculed? No. They weren’t. Instead, the passersby joined in (which is precisely what turned this clip into one of the coolest things ever in the history of ever). See what happens when we walk boldly in faith? God moves! I bet some of those people saw those carols, and the meaning behind them, in a whole new light. Some even went to their knees at the end!! The response of the crowd literally brought tears to my eyes.

Anyway, see for yourselves. And sing along! Don’t be shy!

God bless!

~Rebekah A


4 thoughts on “Boldly, Blindly

    • I loved when they zoomed in on people….a boy dropping to his knees, a girl with pure joy on her face. I was literally moved to tears by some of them. You can almost see it in their faces that right in that moment, they had a revelation of Christmas – just the magnitude of Jesus and what He did for us – in a way they hadn’t experienced before. Part of me wants to do this in the middle of Times Square, or in the mall of my hometown next time I’m up there. Sometimes it seems like we need radical gestures like that just to break up the spiritual fog of the area…as if Jesus Himself isn’t radical enough! At the very least, it’d make one heck of a blog post!

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