A Call for Prayer

Dear Readers,

The storm is here. I may not be able to become a doctor… I need your prayers so that if this truly is taken away I know it is GOD and I can rejoice that He has something else planned. However, if this is not of Him, or if He wants to show forth His amazing grace, that everything will work out. Thank you- I covet your prayers.

Rebekah M.

5 thoughts on “A Call for Prayer

    • Akila, I’m a different Rebekah but I’m still praying for your journey. There are so many layers to something like this…hurt/anger/betrayal, then finding it within ourselves to forgive, and then there’s the bit about having God’s heart for someone even though we were so hurt by them. As painful of an experience as it is, the things you learn about yourself and the way Jesus shapes you as a result of it is so powerful. And it shows in our walks with Him. We become such better vessels and so much more grounded in Him. I’m not sure how far in the past this was for you, but I am praying for you going forward! God bless! ~Rebekah A

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