Prayer In the Midst of the Storm


I praise You that I have given You my dreams and they may be shattering, but I do not despair. There is still hope and You will work it all out.  I love You Jesus that since my life is in Your hands, You are working out all things for good. I praise You my King for being everything I need. I worship You my Lord for there is none like You so who is to stand in my way of going about my Father’s business? I praise You Lord. I worship You.

Thank You Jesus for Your peace that passes all understanding,

Rebekah M.

4 thoughts on “Prayer In the Midst of the Storm

  1. And to your peace the grace to be right where we are and the wisdom to move at the leading of your spirit that even when our life feels shattered into many tiny pieces each piece will still bring you glory.

  2. Keep praising Him Rebekah and He will guide you through your storm. I read your previous post (a request for prayer) and have prayed for you and mom has as well. Trust the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to your own understanding. His will is the better for you no matter the outcome. He loves you and as long as you seek Him and make Him the priority in your life – all things are guaranteed to work for your good.


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