Song of the Day: Freedom Song by Mandisa

As I drove home from church tonight I decided to switch CDs to what I named my “Brighter Day Mix.” In I popped it, hit “random,” and BAM it when to my favorite song- Freedom Song by Mandisa

As I sang for all I was worth along with the song and clapped during red lights, I remembered one of my favorite preachers talking about how the sound of hands clapping is like the sound of chains breaking.  I let my fears and doubt fall off me as I busted out in song- sure my King would bring me victory if I just buried myself in Him.

Am I fully succeeding in this every day? No.  But I can seek to make each new moment better than the previous one. I can seek to do what God wants for me each new moment versus letting the things I messed up with chain me from moving forward.  Do I live with the consequences of the past, yes.  But He is able and faithful to turn all things around if we just submit it all to Him and turn 100% away from those things that were bad and wrong.

So today- I seek to praise Him despite my doubt.  I seek to worship Him despite the feeling of impending doom.  I seek to worship Him despite the fact my world could potentially fall apart- for He is faithful. So I will put my hands up in the air and sing Hallelujah.  I will proclaim that I have been set free! Praise to the Lord my chains of fear and doubt are gone when I just worship Him!!! Praise to the Lord, my chains are gone, can’t help but sing this freedom song!!!!

Rebekah M.

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Freedom Song by Mandisa

  1. I LOVE Mandisa!!! I have a playlist called “Praise Party” music a term I stole from her. I love that her music does more than just get me in the mood to praise my Lord and Savior but gets me in the mood to live life more wholly committed to him. God speaks to me in so many ways through her music. She is such a blessing!!!!!

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