Appointment With God

I have had MANY, LONG  road trips this past year and a half…  many of them at least 5, typically more 7-8 hours long. On these trips I had come to ask God when I should stop for gas and believe Him to lead me to where He wants me to be.  Once, I remember distinctly thinking “I just missed an appointment with God.”  I had seen the same guy on TWO rest stops and he even came up to me and was like “excuse me, I don’t want to seem weird, but.. didn’t I JUST see you at the last rest stop??”  It was the perfect opportunity to be like “Yes… this may seem weird, but are you seeking Jesus?”  We never know when we can witness or have a random act of kindness- a chance to BE Christ to those in this world.

Today, I had such a chance.  I was running low on gas so I said my usual “Okay God, You tell me when You want me to stop by the gas light turning on.”  The next available exit I could take after the light came on, I ended up right next to a guy who was struggling with starting his car.  Due to my wonderful dad who always makes sure his daughter is well prepared, I had a charged battery jumper system in my car that I let him borrow.  I remember him thanking me and my responding with “well… perhaps God just wanted me to help you today” and his mumbled response.  I don’t know if I was supposed to witness more… but I walked away feeling like I had actually responded to an Appointment with God!!!

Readers, I challenge myself and I challenge you- look for daily Appointments with God.  Look to BE Christ to those around you daily.  To be the helping hand, for as it says in Matthew- what we do unto others, it is as unto Christ. So when you feed the hungry, you are feeding Him. When you clothe the naked, you are clothing God Himself.  Jesus cares so much about others that He personally takes to when we help the strangers around us.  So go out there and join me in trying to daily meet appointments with God 🙂

Rebekah M.

5 thoughts on “Appointment With God

  1. Thanks Rebekah. I like to mention these appointments when some people ask me what “proof” there is that God exists and that Jesus lives. It’s not about coincidence or luck, but it’s hearing His voice and being obedient so that others see your light and that He gets the glory.

  2. Hi Rebekah, thanks for liking my ‘getting this far’ – hopefully I’ll be a more regular blogger in 2013, and I’m encouraged by your simple, devotional and personal blogposts. This one is classic, and I’m always looking for opportunities like this – it’s important that we sow the seed, and are obedient, even when the outcome does not appear to be lifechanging. What do we know!?

    • Thank you! I honestly forget sometimes to keep an eye out and I truly think that when we are mindful to submit our time to God, it opens the door for Him to use us more 🙂 And I agree… we don’t know what the little things we do become when put in God’s hands… for God can turn our mustard seeds of actions in faith into trees 🙂 God bless!!! 🙂

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