Prayer Monday: Thank You Jesus


Thank You for being born so that we might live a life freed from sin through You.  Thank You for being the wonderful God that You are- always looking out for us, always being THE definition of love. You never leave us. You never forsake us. You always forgive and even forget.  You love us beyond what we deserve! Thank You Jesus for Your miracle birth. Oh the wonderful mystery that are Your ways! Thank You God for loving me. Thank You Jesus that in my worst moments as a human being, when I fail the most at being Your light- You. Still. Love. Me.

Thank You that You rejoice with me in my good moments.  Thank You that you weep with me in my moments of pain. At the worst times of my life You have held me when there was no one around to do so.  When I was all alone, You walked with me and carried me.  Lord, I love You so!

Thank You.

Rebekah M.

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