Gotta Listen to That Voice

So I was driving back to my rotation after visiting my family hours away for Christmas and I had to stop.  Between voice texting my pastor’s wife who then got her husband to call me and warm me to stop, my parents and MANY of my friends all telling me it was BAD out and to be careful, I decided yeah… let’s just stop driving in this horrible weather! Especially for someone who’s used to driving hours, it took a lot for me to stop, but apparently the news reports about this snowstorm are urging people not to drive. They were even thinking of closing down the highways. However, God not only provided me with a great place to stay (via my parents searching online) but for the last few hours I’ve been pampering myself and taking some much needed rest 🙂

It’s be great being home where my parents provide for my every need- even ginger root tea for my coughing- but when I am stuck in the middle of no where and no choice but to rest, there’s a different level of rest.  Some time God just wants us to take a break. Take a break from our busy lives and just rest.  So today- the day after Christmas- I invite all you dear readers to take a day and just rest in God, knowing that He is good. That His mercy endures forever. Know that He will take care of all your needs if you ask and seek to be in His Will.  Rest. In. Him.

Rebekah M.

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