Jesus At The Wheel

I have two things to tell you all today.

1) There was a massive snowstorm in the northeastern US last night. Which happened to be the night that I had to drive myself and my disabled roommate home from my hometown in NH (where we’d just spent an amazing Christmas with my family) to our current home in NYC. Being from New England, I am a champion at driving in the snow. But still, this was a pretty rough storm. So needless to say, I prayed while driving. I didn’t pray for the snow to stop, just that I’d be seen safely through it. And wouldn’t you know, I could see how hard it was snowing. I could see how badly visibility was affected…and yet I clearly saw everything I needed to. I could see how slippery the roads were…and yet the car held the grip as if it were a dry day. No, we don’t have snow tires. What do we have? Jesus, at the steering wheel, answering prayer. Thanks Jesus!

2) I have a friend named Scott who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He has defied the odds for most of his life, currently age 45 when his life was predicted to end in his teens. His brother’s ended that early, but Scott’s stayed with us. He’s been near death several times. And now, he’s near death again. He isn’t the first friend I’ve had with this condition. One of my best friends (Josh) died from it a few years ago.

 When Josh went into the hospital, I prayed for his recovery. I prayed for a complete healing of his body. And God answered me. The only thing was, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. God answered me that the healing would happen, but it wouldn’t be here. There was nothing left for him here. And so I knew immediately that in the coming days, Josh would die. I went into immediate denial about it, but I knew.

This time around however, in praying for Scott, God didn’t tell me that. Instead, as I prayed for him, I felt my spirit stir. I felt a surge of hope inside me. This leads me to believe that God will heal him this time. And so I ask you to join me in a prayer of healing for my friend Scott, in the hospital in FL and fighting for his life today. And I can ask in complete faith because yesterday Jesus proved once again that he answers our prayers.

Thanks for praying. And no matter what happens, no matter where I go in life, I know one thing: as long as I pray and let Him in, Jesus is with me in the driver’s seat. He’s with us all. And so no matter what happens, no matter where we go in life, we always have reason to rejoice in His beautiful presence.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

8 thoughts on “Jesus At The Wheel

  1. Hi Rebekah,

    I can identify with your post. I have a friend with a very rare metabolic disease called Propionic Acidemia. She’s been the oldest person in the country with it since we were teenagers; we’re now 32 and her health has been getting worse. At one point she believed God would heal her, but I’m not sure she does now. Shall we pray together – for her and for Scott? I admire you for holding onto faith in Jesus’ healing even after what happened with Josh.

    • Hi Sarah! I will definitely be praying for her and standing in prayer with you! Has not being healed affected her spiritually?

        • Yeah that’s frustrating, especially when we know that Jesus can heal easily. But who knows? Sometimes the healing is coming and it’s just not time yet – like there’s somebody who is going to come into her life who needs to see that miracle. Other times we just have to take comfort that our time here – and all the illnesses that come with it – is temporary. Meanwhile, I’ll be praying into God’s will over her life, and that He strengthen her body and spirit and shields her from pain.

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