Song of the Day: Hear Us from Heaven

With so much going on this holiday season I can’t help but feel like I’m allowing myself to slip a little. Distractions get to me and I just don’t always seek Him as I should. This song feels like God’s beckoning to my soul.  Seek Him again so that He can open the blind eyes, unlock the deaf ears, and touch our generation.

Hear us from heaven Jesus.  Hear our cry of our souls. Heal us and our land.  Jesus, so many souls are hurting in this time when people should be celebrating family together they mourn their broken homes.  They mourn their broken lives.  Working in the ER I have witnessed first hand how much people’s pain can become more than just mental pain.  Jesus… heal us in this broken nation.  In this nation that has lost it’s commitment to marriage and family.  It’s commitment to You and Your ways.  Heal us Jesus! Heal us oh Lord who IS love itself.  Jesus, I thank You for those who have family and can rejoice with them.  I pray now that You will help open the eyes to the hurting that You are holding them! You are with them now! God… if there is someone reading this right now that You’ve been crying out to that You want to help mend their hurt and broken hearts… I pray they hear You now! You want them to feel Your love. You want them to know they can have a new life in You.  Bless oh Jesus.  Bless these dear readers with love and healing.

In His love,

Rebekah M.

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