The Hem of His Garment

Lord… i just need to touch the hem of Your garment. I just need a brush of Your presence. Just a little drop of You to help me to the end. Nothing is falling apart but I fear making the wrong decisions. Sowing in the wrong field. Help me sow right. Help me put You first. Let me just touch Your hem…. then all will be right.

Rebekah M.

6 thoughts on “The Hem of His Garment

    • Thank you… it really was the cry of my heart at that moment… and still sort of is but I feel like I really touched His hem last night… pretty amazing! My latest post talks about it 🙂 He used me last night, literally the moment I touched His hem He turned around and used me to be a blessing.. wow!

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  2. It is truly amazing what just a moment in His presence can do for us. His peace can wash over us in an instant and although our circumstances are still the same, our hearts aren’t.

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