I have the choice with what to do with my time.  Study for the boards or watch a movie? Church or study? What to choose, what is wise? Just because we should be good with church doesn’t mean that we should forsake studying as well. Tonight I chose to stay home instead of go to youth service because the church was 1.5 hours away and I have over 300 pages of material to get through before my boards on Wednesday.  Was it wise? What did I miss? I feel slightly guilty for not going but I also had a hard time justifying 3 hours of driving plus church time.

What is right to do? These choices that we make with our time… it really isn’t our time, it’s God’s.  I know that I must have wasted a good amount of time today… could that have been the same amount as driving there and the service? perhaps. I need God to just help me make the right choices but at times I feel like I get in the way of God.


Help me use the time You’ve given me wisely.  Help me be who You want me to be.  Help me Jesus.  Help.

Rebekah M.

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