A Last Song

I read a note on Facebook written by a friend of mine. It was about fear, but in the note she told a story. She recently went on a trip to Kansas City, for the OneThing conference at IHOP (that’s International House of Prayer for all you pancake lovers). Anyway, on the plane, she got the chance to witness to two young ladies, especially as the plane encountered some turbulence. As the plane shook, she got the crazy urge to sing out in worship to the Lord. Which brought her to the (hypothetical) question, “if I know the people around me aren’t saved, and this plane is going down, what song would I sing?”

For me, the one that comes to mind repeatedly is ‘You Are Good’ by Kari Jobe (posted below). Nice and simple, which is probably a good thing in the face of impending doom. But also, I think it’d be what people need to hear as the plane went down. That God’s there, and He’s good, and in Him, we’ll be ok. In Him, I have nothing to fear. That song would keep that perspective in place. Because ultimately, singing a song wouldn’t be for me. I know exactly where I’m going when I die, and I don’t fear it. In fact, when I know the time has come for me to finally see Jesus, really see Him, I’ll run for it full speed. The song I think would be more for the people around me, who may or may not be saved. I’d want them to be comforted and maybe have that one last chance at salvation.

It may be a dramatic scenario, but I thought it was a cool thing to ponder. So I’m putting it out there for all of you. If your plane was going down, or really if you were in any life-or-death situation (even a drawn-out situation, like fighting an illness), what would you sing?

2 thoughts on “A Last Song

  1. honestly, if the plane was crashing… people would probably hate me for it but I would sing a song that I have rarely heard anyone sing. The words are: “I wanna go, where the milk and the honey flow, where Jesus is the light, and He’s building me a home. Oh, I wanna be, where my Father waits for me, I’m longing for the day when I’ll finally stand, in the promised land.” That song has been in my heart for a long time now… I honest feel sick of this world at times… easier to just be HOME with Him than have another chance to sin. But until He decides to take me, I just keep trying to plug on, sometimes blindly, stumbling along the way… but I think the key to David was he kept trying even when he failed and so I keep on trying, even when I fail.

  2. Love it. And I don’t think you’d be hated for it, I think people would be comforted with the reminder that there’s a better place. And it would definitely make people think about the fact that while they’re sitting there terrified, you’re actually relieved. I could see some people being like “I want what she’s got!” and coming to Jesus right then lol. I’ve actually heard that sentiment from several people, just that weariness of stumbling through and trying to stand on Christ in a world that so clearly doesn’t mesh with the Christian lifestyle. I think it goes with striking that balance between following the Christian standards while at the same time embracing everyone, wherever they’re at in life, in perfect and unconditional love like we’re called to. And while we’re juggling that, there’s our own temptations and storms to deal with. It’s a lot, and it’s hard, and it’s tiring. I just praise Jesus that He knows what He’s doing, because most of the time I sure don’t. 🙂

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