One Under God

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” ~ Galations 3:28

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I got a new phone recently, and one of my favorite parts about it is that I have it set to give me a daily Bible verse on my home screen. I love it. It’s an instant word of God, instant Jesus-inspired food for thought, instant blog post inspiration; it’s a win-win. And it’s often verses I wouldn’t have thought to check, so I love it even more.

Anyway, this one came up yesterday (what did I tell you about blog post inspiration??) and it got me thinking. If we were to write down a description of ourselves (think of a description of yourself in your head if you don’t believe me), a lot of our descriptive words and characteristics would be earthly. The words you use to describe yourself  are words that apply here on earth. The things in your life that shaped who you are and certainly affect that description are also earthly. And what is earth? It’s temporary. And yet, we get so consumed with being ‘true to ourselves.’ Which self is that? The self that is of heaven? Or the self that has been carved out and chipped by the world?

If I were to describe myself, I would say that I’m a Christian. I would most definitely say I’m a girl. But according to the above verse, both those things go out the window. And what’s left? I am the bride of Christ; I am part of the body. And that’s about all I can say for sure. That’s all any of us can say, really. Everything else is trivial.

It’s an easy concept to grasp when we’re talking about material possessions. My money is trivial and my clothes are trivial. That’s a given. That’s easy. But….my personality is trivial? My gender is trivial? It gets harder to grasp when it pertains to ourselves rather than our belongings. And yet it’s true. We are called to die to ourselves daily, so that it’s not longer us who is visible but God. This verse just takes it to a farther extent, reminding us that our very gender is flesh, and so doesn’t matter in the spirit.

I think we all need a reminder once in awhile on the things that are truly important. And it’s refreshing to have the day-to-day things we worry about put in perspective. And it’s even more refreshing when this perspective comes from looking at my phone screen!

God bless!

~Rebekah A

6 thoughts on “One Under God

    • Yeah it’s awesome. I just got an Android and the app is Bible Verse of the Day – you can pick how big the window is, and when the verse comes up you can also select it and read the chapter. I also downloaded an app for memorizing verses, so that I can store the ones that really speak to me. I had an iphone before this phone, and I didn’t see an app that was completely comparable, but there were definitely a few options. Good luck finding one!

  1. Hard to imagine something more central than our gender, but we are in the unfortunate position of often missing the biggest, most important things in our lives. Scripture helps us get realigned. Where did you say you got that cool app?

    • Yeah it is amazing to me how small our view is compared to God’s – everything we see is temporary and of the world. Sometimes I wonder how things look in the spiritual realm! I use Bible Verse of the Day – I like it on my phone screen because I check my phone pretty often in a day, and it gives me an automatic connection to God’s word every time I do. AND anyone else who happens to see my phone gets to read a bible verse too! I also downloaded one called RememberMe, which helps you store Bible verses to memorize….that has been cool too. I can store the verses that speak to me, and also set up my own little version of bible quizzing!

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