Prayer Monday: A New Day


I started a new rotation today and I didn’t start it with You like the other days I have before.  I didn’t cleanse my heart of the things I did before and I didn’t take time to ask You to be with me for the day.  I didn’t wake up with You as my first thought and I didn’t put everything on the line for You. I didn’t ask You what I should wear and I didn’t ask You to bless me and my family.

However, tomorrow morning is a new day.  And tonight… tonight I still have time to ask You for forgiveness. I still have time to ask You to help me tomorrow. I still have time before bed to give You time.  Thank You Jesus for new chances to put You first. Thank You for a new day.  I love You Jesus but I’m finding that lately, although I don’t eat meats, I’m not doing it in the true spirit of fasting.  I love You Jesus but I am not showing it with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength.  So help me.  Help me find my way back.  Help me find my way back to Your side.  Help me seek after You once again like I did in the days past.  Help me to put You first in my heart and mind again.  I love You Jesus so help me show You that love.

Rebekah M.

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