Song of the Day: Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot


Only You can break my fall. Only You can help me breathe in the abundant skies that You created me to soar through.  Only You are my strength. Only You are my rock and my shield.

I thank You for Your mercies. I thank You for Your goodness. I thank You that there is none like You.

Help me live my life for You. Help me live with all I have for You.

Rebekah M.

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot

  1. I love some of Switchfoot’s work. In particular, “This is Your Life” always stands out in my mind. “This is your life, are you who you want to be?” Sometimes I struggle like Paul. Why do I do things I don’t want to do? Switchfoot reminds me why this is important.

    • I love that song too for there are days where I say with all my heart “YES! God has placed me right where He wants me and I cannot be happier” 🙂 I hope that I can always have that feeling but sometimes it seems a little elusive… picking right above wrong isn’t easy when we’re all born with a sinful nature but luckily God can help us overcome but I think sometimes the hardest part for me is ALLOWING God to help if that makes sense? God will sweep in the moment we say “yes” to Him but getting to the “yes” can be the hardest part of the battle

    • I love switchfoot 🙂 Most times I love worship/praise songs but there are times when I just want something that has meaning that is of a different genre and Switchfoot is one of my go-tos 🙂

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