Prayer Monday: A Prayer for the Lost

I come before You today asking for You to help develop a seed of curiosity in the heart of the person I have on my heart today.  You know who he is.  You know his name.  You know what struggles he has had in his life up until now that not even I know about.  You know what makes him tick and what makes him shut down.  I pray for wisdom and knowledge to come to all those (including myself) who will be interacting with him this week and next weekend.  Let Your light shine in us all and let Your goodness and grace overshadow any of our weaknesses and failings.  Let YOUR love (and not our own human, fallible, versions of it) reach him.  May this lost soul realize that the love he is searching for isn’t in a woman, but in YOU.  May he realize that all fulfillment is in YOU.  May he want to join me at church on Sunday and may he feel YOU for the first time in His life. For this truth I know with ALL my heart:

One touch of YOU is all we need for our lives to be transformed.

One touch of YOU is all we need for miracles to happen. Limbs fixed, minds healed, hearts mended.

One touch of YOU is all we need for everything to turn around on our dark days.

One touch of YOU is all the love we will ever need for a lifetime and yet still, You offer us even more than that!!!

I pray this post inspires others to be praying for him all week with me. I pray that this post opens the eyes to those who don’t know You to realize that You love them with a love that is immeasurable. You love them so much that You died on a cross for them so that they might find forgiveness. Forgiveness from a life filled with sin. Forgiveness from everything that they’ve done wrong against others and especially against themselves.  They can forgive themselves once they find YOUR forgiveness that You offer SO freely! Wonderful Savior, may this post reach those who are seeking You and may they find true forgiveness in their heart from You, the source of forgiveness.

Jesus, right now I ask You to forgive me of my sins. I ask You to forgive me of all my wrong doings.  Even if some say I am a good person, I know that I have messed up and done wrong things.  I lay them at Your feet right now. I lay my life at Your feet and ask You to forgive me and to teach me how to forgive myself.  Lord, I love You and I thank You for Your forgiveness. I love You and I thank You for Your love.  Thank You for dying for me.  Thank You for loving me when I sometimes don’t even know how to love myself.  Thank You Jesus. 

Rebekah M. 

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