The Unexpected

I’m at a conference this weekend and I have the potential to see Ex #1 and two of the guys I’ve talked to over the last year. One word: awkward.  Better yet is that I’m here with my parents.  Extra. Awkward. should Ex #1 see us all together.  However, due to unseen circumstances I ended up not being able to make service tonight and I truly feel like that’s God working things out.  Who knows what He saved me from, but all I do know is that He has His reasons for everything so Lord, here I am ready for You to move in my life.  Show me something Jesus.  Open my eyes this weekend.  Match day is monday… help me hold on to hope until then.

Rebekah M.

4 thoughts on “The Unexpected

    • ahhh in the shuffle of everything going on I missed these comments!!! Thank you so much!!!! We were nominated earlier for this and are actually set to post about it later on this week so look for it then with an additional thanks to you as well!! It’s so humbling considering we at BeingRebekah have only been blogging for barely over a year now!! Thanks for reading and for the support!! God bless you!!! 🙂

  1. Hope can be a slippery commodity! It could be considered a fruit of the Spirit, which, as I once heard said, grows only in the “Garden of Obedience.” Surrender! Sometimes I hate that word, but praise God that He tells us exactly what we need to hear.

    • The coolest part in my responding to this so late (sorry by the way!) is that I can say that I did fully surrender and God rewarded me with giving me my first choice residency program, not seeing my ex, and being blessed that weekend with spending extra time with my parents… including family prayer time!! 🙂 Sometimes we actually have to give it all up to find out it’s just an Abraham moment… I’m glad I passed the test and I’m glad my reward was so amazing!!!

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