Update from the Conference

So today was so fantastic I asked Rebekah A if we could switch days… she’ll be back for you all tomorrow 🙂

Since this church conference is in New England, we’re currently in the middle of Nemo/Charlotte/whatever you want to call it really bad storm.  They actually cut the conference short and just had all the preachers go this morning before the storm got to us all.  There were multiple miracles for me there:

1) Ex #1 and his church weren’t there!! they go EVERY year and thankfully, they did not show up this year! Thank You Jesus! I didn’t want to deal with seeing them all yet… the extension of understanding and mercy and grace from Him in knowing that seeing him and his friends would have been more than I wanted to deal with right now was wonderful.  Thank You Jesus!!!

2) The awkward moment of having both of the guys I was talking to simultaneously last year meet each other while my parents were there happened…. LOL but I survived! Thank You Jesus! 🙂

3) I had an infection that was bothering me and I knew I had to get medication for it but while we were at the conference I felt God say “I’m healing you from the inside out and you will know it is true because that thing that is bothering you will be healed.”  This specific thing that was bothering me had a very annoying sign that made me realize I had to get it seen… and literally instantaneously disappeared!!! I thank You Jesus!!! wow!! amazing that You did that to show me You love me and proved to me that You did both! 🙂

4) There was SO much great preaching even if it was packed into short punches

a) stay in the boundaries that God gave you- both by not allowing fear from stopping you from going to the limit of your boundary, but also by not allow pride from pushing you to go outside your boundary and getting out of God’s grace.  The example was about our callings- some are called to go only 2 steps while others might be called to do revivals in Africa- to each, his own God-given boundary. If Jesus wants you as a witness in Your office, if you live that, it’s all He’s asking of you. Good job faithful servant! Enter into His joy! 🙂

b) when a prophet speaks into your life- know they are human- they can be wrong!!! pray on your own! seek God on your own! don’t automatically think they are wrong, but also don’t assume they are right! let God confirm or deny the word!!

c) don’t let your past stop you from your future

d) realize God might move you forward, sideways, backwards, or sometimes even completely remove you- know that He will bless you regardless of how He moves you- IF YOU LET HIM MOVE YOU.  Go with God and you will be fine 🙂

So… those are my updates… what an amazing God we serve! Full of mercy, grace, and truth!! Thank You Jesus! I love You Jesus!!

~Rebekah M.

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