40YearWanderer is written by one of our readers, Heather Mertens, who has her own blog. We felt her post of “sometimes it takes losing to win” is a great way to kick off our “guest blog” weekly spot. Our aim is to help our readership connect and encourage each other since we saw many of you blog yourselves! Thank you all for following our journey and may we all encourage each other to continuing to seek after Him with all we have!!! God bless you and feel free to submit a post to be reblogged (or even something new) at beingrebekah@outlook.com 🙂

40YearWanderer ~ Heather Mertens

I am living a Job moment.

For those of you who know who Job was that will make sense to you. For those who don’t know who Job was, let me tell you in a brief way – Job lost everything and everyone in his life. Literally. After much prayer, waiting, and listening, God restored it all.

I did not lose everything and everyone. But it hurt none-the-less. Nearly lost my husband to death pounding on his door; and nearly lost everything in the 2 years he was without a job and we were pounded with medical and living expenses.

Bankruptcy 1. Death 0. FINAL score to come…

The restoration is what I really want to tell you about today. Trusting God with everything sometimes means you are pounded on by these “things” in life and yet you still set your eyes on Him to take care of everything. Sometimes…

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  1. Thank you so much for asking me to be a guest writer. I am honored and humbled before Christ. May my words always be His. I love your idea of joining writers together to encourage one another! Looking forward to working with you in that God given journey. Have already met some new people! – Heather

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