Family Movie Night: Faith Like Potatoes

“Peter Marshall, the great evangelical preacher, once said that we need “faith like potatoes” – plain, simple, real faith that will sustain us in our everyday lives. Whenever I pick up a potato I remember those words. That’s the kind of faith I want. When we have faith and act on it, God will come through for us, no matter what our circumstances. God is King!”
― Angus BuchanFaith Like Potatoes: The Story of a Farmer Who Risked Everything for God

I love this movie. It is the true story of Angus Buchan. An African farmer of Scottish descent that found his way to God and had enough faith to plant potatoes during a time of drought because God told him to.  I am still struggling at times to have faith in God, but He is showing me that there are times when the things we want the most are growing where we cannot see them and if we just have enough faith… they will be beyond anything we had hoped for.

For anyone who wants to shield their children from some rather harsh, real-life events you may want to consider if you want to show this or not to them, but if you find all Disney movies approved for them, the scenario is as seen in more than one Disney movie.

However, I love this movie because it’s true- our faith needs to be a sustaining faith and through God, it can be!! Enjoy!

~Rebekah M.

You can see it at iTBN here

4 thoughts on “Family Movie Night: Faith Like Potatoes

  1. Aww this is an excellent movie!! I really recommend it! I love Angus Buchan; I’m from South Africa and he has preached at our church before. Wonderful man of God, truly blessed!

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