Prayer Monday: Your Amazing Ways


Thank You for Your amazing ways! I should have trusted Your urging last night at church, but I thank You that You continued to give me the same message until I finally texted the pastor’s wife out here tonight and this was the conversation that I’m sharing with the readers so that they know how amazing You are:

Me: So I should have said this at church, esp since I got this BEFORE you told me anything, but I felt God wanted me to relay to you: “Have no fear. I have taught your hands to war. Always remember your greatest weapons are My love and your praise. Never forget you have a way of escape (I Cor 10:13).” 
Pastor’s wife: thank you so much …I was praying at church tonight..Lord strengthen my hands to do your work
Me: wow… that’s definitely God!!!!!
Pastor’s wife: amen! 🙂

This pastor’s wife has been going through someone at the church personally attacking her and her family (mainly her) for years now and the truth only came out recently.

radioLord, I had no way of knowing that’s what she was praying since she didn’t say the words out loud… You are amazing! Thank You that even the wording was perfectly on target. Thank You for helping me tune in once again to be an encouragement. Thank You that You are good! The most amazing part was I found out this was all an extension of when You called me and my prayer partner to pray for her back in November which inspired me to write my post Tuning In.

Thank You Jesus. Thank You that You allowed me the privilege to tune in to You once again and find that I can be a blessing.  It truly is a blessing to be a blessing!!!!

Thank You Jesus for Your amazing ways!

Rebekah M.

After reading StephenWhoElse’s comment, I realized that others might have similar stories of their own… if you do, please share by commenting below!!! 🙂    ~Rebekah M. 

6 thoughts on “Prayer Monday: Your Amazing Ways

  1. Well, since you asked… 🙂

    Last year, volunteers from my church were busy packing supplies and gifts for a mission trip to an Asian country. We were about done when someone came forward to offer a donation of used school uniforms. We had no use for it, besides we already had too much to carry.

    One of the leaders someone felt the need to bring some of the uniforms, so we did.

    While we were at the mission site in the Asian country, we bumped into another group of missioners who were looking for (amazingly!) old school uniforms!

    We were totally blown away and hurriedly called home for the rest of the uniforms to be sent over!

    If we had listened to our own voices instead of the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit, those kids would have been deprived of the uniforms.

    How amazing is that 🙂

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