Song of the Day: Beautiful by Kari Jobe

So… this is not the typical song of the day…. I felt like singing the song and sharing it here with you all- a capella. And a few pics from a free stock photo site since WordPress doesn’t allow just audio files to be played (that I know of). I’ll admit, this is raw. I do not profess myself to be a super talented singer nor a video editor. There are multiple times when I was off-key or “pitch-y” and I only had 4 pictures that aren’t timed with the lyrics.  However, I hope that you’ll feel just a little of what I was feeling when I sang this song.

Earlier yesterday while I was driving to church I was praying/worrying about this and that and as the things were swirling in my mind this song came on my CD player and I felt God so quietly tell me to just lay it all aside and rest in Him.  His amazing sweet presence told my soul to just rest in Him. I felt such assurance that resting in Him, all would be OK. That everything would be more than fine. The beauty of this amazing God is just beyond words. His peace that passes all understanding is truly a most beautiful wonderful gift.

I hope you all comment below on a moment when God swept into your heart during a time of worry and how His beautiful, sweet presence soothed your soul too!

~Rebekah M.

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Beautiful by Kari Jobe

  1. I love that you did this with such abandon. I just mentioned that on Rebekah A.’s post – how doing so frees me to accept whatever God does through it. The choice to just let Him BE through me. Bless you for doing this! My 18 year old daughter is doing this through her ballet dance. It is a blessing to see others touched through what He does through us. We are blessed just by His doing.

    • Thanks Heather!! 🙂 I’m considering doing this again in the future… (NOT to torture you all! haa haa) but because I want to encourage others that regardless of everything else, just worship God. Skill level doesn’t matter, just heart level. I have sang in church before and would make a point to pray “God, help me become SO transparent today that they don’t see me, let it not be me, but YOU up there today. Let me be a mirror who’s reflection is YOU.” May God be with your daughter during her dances so that she is a mirror of Him!!! 🙂

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