Prayer Monday: The Heart of it All

throneroomThe other day I posted a song of the day in which I sang a song acapella.  The next night during family prayer I felt God lead me to pray that same song again while my parents and God sister could hear.  It was during a time of deep prayer in which I felt God so strongly say that EVERYTHING, EVERY little bit of why things happen was all to ultimately draw us into His presence.  He has done so much for us and it was all just because He missed mankind and did not want to be separated from us.  So when we pray, yes, it’s nice to pray for others and for situations and healings, but I felt that ultimately, the reason why we’re supposed to come before God as before a father- confident is that you don’t always spend time with your parents just to get things.  It’s not always to ask for stuff. Sometimes you just want to be with Daddy just to be with him. Maybe he’ll take you out for ice cream, or out to a ball game, but there is no ulterior motive being with him besides just being in His presence.  I felt like THAT is what God is trying to get us (myself VERY much included!!) to see. In the end, you don’t have to beg for things, you don’t have to grovel or sob in fear.  This is your FATHER.  He just wants to be with you. He will provide your every need.  He will shower blessings down on you just to make you smile.

So I challenge you all today (and myself!)-in your prayer time, take some time to do nothing else but to bask in His presence.  Just sit in His throne room and sit as His feet as Mary once did.


I love You and am amazed that when it all boils down, all you truly want is our presence.  Thank You Jesus! Thank You that You truly do love us THAT much. When all is said and done, You just want to be with us.  What amazing love! You are truly amazing God! 

Rebekah M. 


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