The Visions: Part 2

This is part of an email that was sent to my parents by a prophet (who calls my dad uncle because in the Chinese culture anyone your father’s age is an “uncle”) in another country before I wrote what I did in Praying Monday: Press On but they didn’t receive it until afterwards. In it there were three visions. After they confronted me the next day about these visions, I wrote A Daddy’s Chastisement. The Visions: Part One was posted 2/14/13. I was messing up- unofficially in a relationship with a guy who didn’t know God and worse yet, doing things that I shouldn’t with him. Not THAT, but still wrong in God’s eyes. People, some even in church, told me it wasn’t bad or wrong so long as it wasn’t THAT, but God’s standards are not our standards.  I pray that in revealing these visions the prophet had of me, those of you who might be contemplating going down the same road are warned and those who have been there encouraged that God loves you even when what He saw you do this:
Second picture God show me goes this way. There is a bottle on table. If wait for proper time to drink from bottle it is very refreshing drink. But if drink from bottle before right time, it is become poison. I see your daughter go to bottle. She spend a lot of time think about this bottle. She imagine how refreshing is this drink. She was always plan not touch until right time, but she think a lot about. All the time. She begin question if she really have to wait. She decide just take a small sip not can hurt. She take small sip. It taste good, but it is poison! I see this poison get into her, working to destroy her. She tell herself it was not hurt. She keep say to herself over and over, as long as I not drink whole thing I am okay, I just have to save the last sip for when time is right, as long as I not drink whole thing I am fine. So she take another sip. Then she drink more, she drink deeper, bigger gulp. The poison getting deeper into her. She not know. She drink more. She drink almost whole bottle. She worry sometime, but she ignore her worry because it taste so good. She drink a lot. She drink much more than she ever was expect. She at first only plan to have a sip, but now almost whole bottle is gone. All this poison have gone into her. She tell some people she have tasted drink, but she never tell them how much she had. When she talk your wife she admit she had a sip, but she only admit she had a sip. She never tell she have much much much more than a sip. She have almost whole bottle. She want the refreshing drink, but she not can have if she drink it all while is still poison! She only admit to very small sip. I think you can understand meaning of this. Uncle, she want you think is only very small sip she have, but she have drink very very much, very very deep from this bottle. Is so difficult me write this to you uncle. You know I’m worse sinner. I’m so sorry to write this, but Uncle, she have to get this poison out her before it destroy her. 
To say that I was mortified when my own father was reading this out loud back to me is an understatement. However, now that it’s been almost a month since everything happened, I can look back and see that it was the best thing that could have ever happened.  I love God. I have loved Him all my life. Growing up, I remember times where I’d sit in the hallway and do things like hit a balloon and every time I hit the balloon I had to say a book of the bible and I had to go in order.  If I messed up on the order or I let the balloon fall to the ground,  had to start all over again.  I eventually won an award in Sunday School for knowing all the books of the Bible in order.
David says “thy word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against thee (Ps 119:11).” I know His Word, I have been a bible quizzer in which they have set scriptures to memories and test you on it against other teams.  I won 3rd highest scoring quizzer in the district.  Even with this background, I was slipping.  So much of my life, I stayed away from boys.  The first time I held hands with a guy was just a few years ago in my mid twenties. Just because you don’t partake of a thing, doesn’t mean that you are immune to the thing when you do try it.  I thought I was superwoman- immune to falling when it came to guys and yet look where that got me… my Jesus sending these words to my parents because He knew that these words would jolt me out of continuing down a destructive path. I will say that I’m thankful that God made sure to include that, as the truth is, I didn’t drink ALL the poison! However, it’s clear that what God saw was that any bit is poison to our souls and that if I continued, I would have drank all of it… and before it was a refreshing drink.
I think the most amazing thing is that when my parents confronted me about this, they prayed with me and we have now had nightly family prayers for almost a whole month now. What a blessing! Even more of a blessing, is that I can still hear my dad as he was leading the prayer saying “Lord, I know that You can remove this poison from her! I know that You can heal her and give her a new bottle Lord!” What amazing grace… even from my own father! What an example of THE Father my dad is to me! I am so blessed beyond words for a mom and a dad who love me so much that they could hear these words said about me and yet still love me and believe the best in me (although it took a few days at first).
Thank You for Your chastisement that truly is not as bad as people think. I know there are some who find this to be more than they  could bear, but that is why You are SO wonderful! Your chastisements are unique to each of us! What pushes me towards Your ways (which are good and right and filled with blessings) is not what would push others.  You know what each of us needs to find our way to Your pathways.  I love You Jesus. I thank You Jesus.  I am blessed beyond measure and my cup runneth over. Thank You Jesus! Bless these readers.  Help encourage those who are going down the wrong path that You will help them and bless them when the time is right so they should turn back to you.  For those who drank the whole bottle already, help them know that You can help take that poison out of them too! You are good! Your mercy endures forever! 
Rebekah M. 
Dear readers- if you have a story of your own, share in the comments please! I love hearing from you all! Let’s encourage each other in Christ!  

11 thoughts on “The Visions: Part 2

  1. I think it is great that your dad showed you such grace and only wanted to restore you to a right relationship with God it shows his love for you. You showed great maturity when you accepted the Lord;s discipline in your life and I am sure you will be blessed by your heavenly father

    • I have been SO blessed with such great parents! Well… I’m nearing 30 so that might have a little bit to do with it 🙂 haa haa but the other point of the fact was that I had already made the decision to come back to God and seek His help, even though I understood this meant I would be disciplined. I wanted Christ and His help more than I cared about my pride or what would happen because I knew that in Him, the outcome would be the best possible. It’s crazy to think that I’m still talking to the guy but our relationship is definitely not focused on the physical so much anymore. Praise God! I really just hope this guy comes to Him but now instead of trying ot push stuff, I just pray about things and let them unfold. I know it’s only been a month, but God is good! 🙂 We even hung out once and despite still having the attraction between us, there was no kissing! haa 🙂 THAT was God! 🙂

    • God is amazing to know exactly what I needed to get me out of the situation I was in… to have such an email sent to my parents of all things? Here in America, that would be mortifying for most people and for me it was at the time, but I also recognized it for what it was- my chastisement. I just didn’t recognize it 100% at the time for what it also was- my greatest blessing. Nightly family prayer time is SO important! I hope that those who read this post are inspired to start their own as well if they don’t already have it! Seeking God together truly does make all the difference!!! We’ve had over 20 prayers answered already! One of which was my passing the boards for my medical exams when I felt there was no way I could have passed. I was too nervous and forgetting things that I’d ask without thinking in the real world. God is SO good! 🙂

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