A Time For Reflection

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” ~Psalm 139:23-24

Many of my posts include a suggestion to let God “search your heart” and give guidance on the particular topic at hand. It’s amazing to me how often we neglect to do this. But letting God in is an imperative part of our walk. We need to open ourselves up to His examination and guidance, to let His perfect light shine into even the darkest corners and reveal what’s lurking there. It’s so important. So often it makes the difference between acting in service to God and acting in spite of God.

It’s also scary. We’re afraid to let God see those things because we’re afraid of what He’s going to ask us to do with them. Those isolated corners, those things we keep to ourselves, are part of us – maybe even the most honest part of us. When we’re done being whatever we need to be to those around us, that’s what’s left. It’s opinions and experiences that shape who we are and how we think. And without them, we’re not always totally sure who we are. And that can be terrifying because how do you shed something like that? Even though they come straight from the world, even though we know in theory that God has something better for us, what we currently have is tangible. And it’s us. So we cling to it.

But what you need to realize, what we all need to realize, is that God already sees it. He already knows those corners, what’s hiding behind our walls. He knows them intimately – and He loves us anyway. Loves us enough to not forsake us, and not leave us bereft when the time comes to give those things up to Him.  Not only does He have an identity for us after we take those steps, but He also gives us the strength required to take those steps in the first place. And He can help ease the pain and fear of parting with anything we’re asked to. We just need to let Him in.

So today I ask you to take that step. Go to the altar and stand quietly before Him. Let Him in, and open yourself up to Him. Even His guidance and discipline is love – so let Him in to give it.

God bless!

~Rebekah A


2 thoughts on “A Time For Reflection

  1. This is amazing. Psalms 139 has been popping up in my daily readings this whole week and it keeps coming back to my thoughts..in particular verse 24.

    I feel I need to really spend some quiet, quality time with God soon … !

    • Awesome! I love when God shows us that even through the blogosphere, we’re all one body. So cool! And yeah, we tend to have such a church culture of action that sometimes we forget to just be in His presence and let Him talk to us and work on us. I used to go to a home church that would have communion every week in the form of a potluck meal. We would read aloud the communion chapter in Corinthians, and then we would literally sit in silence before God, let Him in to search us and reflect us and basically just show us ourselves. And we would be done with reflection and able to go get our meal when God said so (some people would be in the kitchen after 2 minutes, others would take longer – all depended on what God had to say to each of us that week). Then we’d eat together and start service. I found it so awkward at first, because I wasn’t used to just sitting before Him like that. But as I got used to it I really did cherish that time and what it did for my walk. Everyone should try it! 🙂

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