Chance Encounter

2 Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door today. The conversation did not start out well. I was right in the middle of my usual Saturday deep-cleaning housework routine, so I was wearing a tank top and probably looking like I’d either just rolled out of bed or like I was overdue for a shower.

But nonetheless, they handed me an article and a newsletter and invited me to a celebration of the anniversary Jesus’ death. The article was on why Jesus had to die.

Me: “Well, He died to bridge the gap between the sin we were stuck in and the righteousness that we could never achieve. He took our sin upon Himself so that we could be saved. He was basically our scapegoat.”

This got me a few blank stares – ‘Jesus as a scapegoat?’ was written all over their faces. It’s true though. I promise.

Anyway, after being thrown a bit by my response (apparently people just smile and nod usually) and thanking me profusely for opening the door (apparently that doesn’t happen often), they asked if they could come back sometime and chat with me about it. Of course they can!

We’ll see if they come back, and how God leads that discussion!

~Rebekah A

4 thoughts on “Chance Encounter

  1. YOu know we were talking about this already in another place this morning. The difference between a relationship with Jesus, and head knowledge from either the bible or whatever is being used in the case of the Jehova’s witnesses. People can read about Jesus wherever they want to, but until He truly saves us, and becomes our light, and we have given all to Him as in Acts chapter 2, then all we have is head knowledge. Good word, and keep the light burning for Him. Blessings,


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