Prayer Monday: Miracles

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI will digress from the Prayer Wheel series this week to talk about something God did this weekend. My pastor’s wife has been sick for almost two months now.  Someone who rarely ever misses service was out almost a whole month with breathing problems. Sickness upon sickness has been in her life these past few weeks where once she thought she was getting better she just fell back into another cold.  Last week she was noting how she felt better (even able to come to service) but still had a little something in her lungs.

On Friday at a church conference (the one I mentioned in Kicking Jonah Out) they had us all go to pray with our pastors/pastor’s wives and as we were praying for her, I felt impressed upon to put one had on each side of her back (over her lungs). As I did I began to pray for healing over her- a final healing that pushed out even the last bits of sickness in her.

This past Sunday, she came up to me and asked if I was the one who put both my hands on her back one on each side. When I replied yes, she asked if I prayed for healing over her. She said “see, later on that night, I realized that for the first time in SO long, I could breathe normal. I realized God must have healed me and thought it might have been you who prayed.”

An interesting part that struck me is that I was not super surprised. Something in me just felt “if God will do it, He will do it.”  I know that there was NO part of MY power (not that I have any) did that. It was ALL Jesus.  My only part in it was believing He didn’t want the pastor’s wife to live with sickness and that He was able- and He was! 🙂

Dear readers, I hope you learn to grasp this too… I know there was NO part of me that could ever hold even a bit of power to heal someone, and yet my prayer was used by God to do just that! Not because of anything within me, but because I knew that it was ALL in HIM.  He is able! He can! He will! 🙂

Pray in faith believing and you too will see miracles come to pass!

Rebekah M.

10 thoughts on “Prayer Monday: Miracles

  1. Love this! All we have to do is say “Yes Lord!” and He will work through us. All Him. All the time. Amen!

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