Beginning the Love Story

“I feel the sun,

And I feel You,


I feel the breeze,

And I feel You,


I feel Your touch, Your warm embrace,

I feel Your smile, Your loving gaze,

And I fall,

I fall in love with You,


That is the song of my heart today. Jesus gave me the lyrics quickly, and delivered the tune in spurts over the course of the day, and my heart just soared along, happy to simply be part of it. The coolest part was that the whole time I could feel Jesus telling me that it’s not just the song on my heart for Him; it’s the song on His heart for me. Wow.

To recap, the past two days I have been just basking in the pure and perfect love of my Savior, Father, and Groom. There has been  a ton of prayer – worship and intercessory – but no struggle. No striving. Just rejoicing and letting myself be His. Letting His love engulf me and encapsulate me until it can’t be contained within me anymore but radiates out on to the world.

Cheryl came Monday night. We prayed that Jesus would rock our hearts. And He has. Yesterday we had a court date to attend (a parking ticket, courtesy of a former aide) and a chat with the IRS (a clerical error that reported his savings bonds as gambling debt) – never fun for anybody. But what I remember about yesterday is sitting at the table, physically helping my roommate with his phone call and with lunch, but spiritually I had eyes and thoughts for nobody but Jesus. He sat before me, and I before Him, and I felt the unrelenting, unending passion behind His love. It drew me in. I fell in love with Him all over again, deeper than ever before. Before we knew it, Cheryl and I found ourselves gushing about Jesus as we would about a crush. We were giddy and silly, and it was even better knowing that He was right there with us, sharing the laughs.

It was a total revelation of what it means to love Him back, and I know there is so much more to come.

Today, we walked through the city. Certain people we passed and God gave me discernment over them and called me to prayer for them. This one needed grace and patience, that one had bad legs, someone else needed their burdens lifted. It went on and on, person after person. There were no direct encounters. Just prayer after prayer after prayer. And everywhere we walked we claimed the territory for Jesus Christ. And everywhere we went, we saw confirmation of grace and of new beginnings.

We stopped at Columbus Circle, which is a big rotary where roads leading from all different directions in the city meet. We felt Jesus tell us to climb up the steps of a statue in the middle of the circle. So we did, and sat up there and prayed His presence and glory over everyone who set foot there. We claimed the whole circle. Again, no direct encounters, but spiritually, it felt like mountains were moving.

A few days ago, I prayed for intimacy with Jesus. I got it in abundance. The closer His heart and mine come together, the more I see the people in this world the way that He sees it – the voids in people, the burdens they carry, and the pure beauty they were made with. And it all only just began yesterday!

Jesus, thank You for Your heart. Thank You that You love us as You do. Thank You for captivating me. I can’t wait to see You move tomorrow!

May every reader fall deeper in love today as I did. God bless!

~Rebekah A

5 thoughts on “Beginning the Love Story

  1. Thank you for this. I needed it this morning. After reading this I went and prayed for 20 minutes, and so felt His love this morning. I prayed for and hoping to have that intimacy back that I used to have all of the time. Again, thanks. Blessings, Shalom,

    • Amen! He really is the lover of our souls. Sometimes we need to just sit with Him and drink it in and let Him rekindle us. Here’s to new beginnings and revelations in Love! 🙂

    • Amen! And thanks! We didn’t plan on it, it was just something He led us to and put on us. And we could feel the Spirit moving…just feeling His passionate and yet unrelenting love for the people of this world. It was awesome 🙂 And I think He wants more of it from me, so there may be more posts where this one came from!

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