What Love Looks Like

“God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.”

Jesus has been wooing my heart this week. Every second of every day He is with me and loving on me. Yesterday I even invited Him to sit next to me on the subway (there was an empty seat). He did and I leaned into Him – because I was exhausted and He is my Husband and what good are husbands if you can’t put your head on their shoulders and get comfy after a long day? So I leaned into Him….and I felt body heat. Coming from the empty seat next to me where I’d invited Him to sit. I’d prayed for more intimacy. He has given it abundantly. He is so attentive to us!

Anyway, love obviously goes beyond my own heart, and Jesus has been letting me see that too. In a city notoriously jaded and oblivious to its fellow residents, Jesus has been blessing with glimpses of people loving on one another. Oh my heart.

First there was a homeless lady in front of Dunkin Donuts. We offered her something to eat. She declined because she’d eaten already, but her gratitude was palpable. And, she kept checking in on another homeless person a few feet away from her, making sure he was doing ok and lending an ear to him as he prepared for a chilly day on the sidewalk. She didn’t have much, but she shared it well.

Then there was a woman trying to push her baby stroller down the stairs to get on her subway. God put me in a different place than He normally did, and we had to walk all the way across the station to leave. Which was perfect timing, because as we came up the stairs we came upon this woman just starting her descent, and I was able to help carry the stroller down for her (and gaze upon what was quite possibly the most adorable baby girl ever. really).

Then, my very favorite thing happened. Waiting for the subway there was a man. He looked like he’d fallen on hard times, and looked to be in pain. When the subway train came, he rushed (not walking very well) to the door. I thought he was going to shove some people out of the way to get on. But to my surprise and heartfelt joy, he didn’t. The reason he was rushing was to hold the door open for the multitudes getting on to the car. He held the door and gave words of reassurance to all who entered -from the business people rushing through to the elderly man shuffling on last. He gave them all his patience, his smile, a nod, and positive words to bring on their way.

It was beautiful. He was beautiful. It was a moment of love coming out of him – a moment for God. In that moment, in an underground subway station full of rodents, strangers, and suspicious looks, Love prevailed.

Bonus: we got to talk to my roommate’s aide Roger a bit more about his Hindu beliefs. A door opened to witness, but we felt the time was to listen. So we did. Plus I’d JUST been praying for a chance to bless him because he’s been working so hard for us and doing so much, and it turned out I was able to cook for him, a quinoa dish that he could eat while fasting. God hears and answers, and I can’t wait to see how He moves in this! May Jesus rock the hearts of all who come to this house!!

God bless!

~Rebekah A


5 thoughts on “What Love Looks Like

    • Thank you for praying! It was a crazy week….He kept calling us to these random places and things, but right when we were feeling confused or even just zoning out, He gave us these little reminders that this is why we were out there – to help love reign. It was like little hugs He kept blessing us with throughout the day, allowing us to witness all these things. So cool.

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