Yes to Love

I’m a bit unsure what to post tonight. While I was having Jesus moment after Jesus moment in NYC, tragedy was happening in Boston – the ‘home city’ for all three Rebekahs on this blog. I know several people running, one of whom had JUST crossed the finish line and was only about 50 yards away from the explosion. I know many more who were watching. For me, I know there are a ton of prayers going out to those injured in the blast, their families, and the families of those who tragically lost their lives. So my focus is on the bomber himself, whoever he may be. What a broken spirit it must take to do something like that.

Broken spirits have been a theme for me the past few days. Here in NY, Cheryl and I dedicated Sunday to God. Where He commanded, we would go. Anywhere. We promised we were saying yes. He ended up leading us on an unfamiliar subway line. Going in an unfamiliar direction. So we get on our subway car and we’re sitting there, not really sure where we are or where we’re going. Sitting on the subway, waiting for the command to get off. Way to put our promise to the test, Jesus!

The command comes, and we get off the car, get above ground, and look around to figure out where the heck we were. I didn’t know, but across the street we saw rainbows. When in doubt: follow the rainbows. SO, off we went into this random building. Which turned out to be Columbia’s Pediatric Hospital. We went off in blind faith and got sent to a hospital. Good one, Jesus!

In the hospital, Cheryl hits the button to go to the 8th floor. We stay there for a bit, and I felt God telling me to go one floor up. So we did. What was one floor up, you may ask? Why, the Pediatric ICU (of course). So we step out of the elevator into the waiting room. Jesus gave me a glimpse of the spirit of the place, and the fear and sadness hit me like a body slam. Those poor families. Still, we aren’t too sure what we’re doing there. We don’t have any family here. We aren’t here to see anyone specific (that we know of). So when someone asks us if we need help with anything, Cheryl responds “oh we’ll wait for a bit, we’re waiting to hear from someone.” So we sit in the waiting room, and wait. We see a mother playing with her son, but they seem happy and there’s nobody out there who seems to be in need of prayer.

Suddenly my whole body gets hot (hot but with goose bumps though. weird) and starts to tingle and words come pouring out of my mouth. Comfort, knowledge that they aren’t alone, all kinds of things. Prayer for these kids, prayer for these families. Earnest prayer. As suddenly as it began, it stopped. Our assignment there was done.

So we left and headed to church. Along the way though, both to get there and to come back, we kept coming across people to minister to. Broken spirits who needed to be loved on. First there was Anthony, who didn’t want us to pray for him publicly. We saw him twice because after we were done the first time I felt like God had more to tell him. I gave him the words I had for him and Cheryl hugged him and blessed him. Then there was Bradley, a man so broken he no longer even claimed a name (it took a few minutes of conversation to realize his parents had named him Bradley). He was ranting about the catholic church, the “lie” of Jesus Himself, and how bad society is. Incidentally, “Bradley” means a clearing in a meadow. Aka a place of peace. Interesting. There was also Pete, who was a missionary himself and like to talk. And talk. His conversation style made me think he had early dementia but I couldn’t be sure. Cheryl sang over him. Then there was Charley, Russell, Johnny, and a guy who was ranting incessantly whose name we never learned. So much loneliness, so much anger, so much yearning for love in all of these people. And only One who can fill those voids.

The same One can fill the void of the bomber. Of all would-be bombers. He can love them out of it. He can love them to restoration. And we never know where the love is coming from. We never know who He’ll use or how one of our assignments under Him will resonate with the person we’re talking to. So I implore you all to consult Him and ask for His heart. Wherever you’re at, whoever you’re coming across, ask for His heart. Open yourself up to be used by Him. And then, just say yes. Let’s watch the love journeys unfold!

God bless!

~Rebekah A

2 thoughts on “Yes to Love

  1. Thanks! I’m just happy that Jesus let me in and gave me these small glimpses of what He sees. He created us all priceless and precious, and His love for us is so strong regardless of what the world wants to turn us into. Unrelenting love in its purest and most beautiful form. He’s amazing. 🙂

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