Beautiful Worship

“Take this body,

Take this melody,

Take Your heart’s cry,

And let it pour out of me,

In beautiful worship.

Let Your grace flow,

Through this voice raised high,

In this moment,

Let me proclaim Love’s cry,

With beautiful worship.”

I have posted once or twice before about writing songs – or really, just writing down the words that God gives me. Which is funny, because I am not a songwriter and extremely self-conscious when it comes to singing. I am much more comfortable at the piano. Usually.

However, recently I was sitting at the piano trying to worship through my playing. I was trying to put music to one of the tunes God had given me. It was going terribly. You’d think I was tone deaf and had never seen a piano before. In a moment of frustration, I prayed for Jesus to help me out – help the music flow and help me worship Him with abandon.

Prayer soon turned to song. The lyrics are above. I sat there singing it over and over again. Interestingly, the more this ‘beautiful worship’ manifested itself in random ways. Like just basking in Jesus while walking outside. Or having giddy giggle fests with Him (yes, Jesus is fun like that. I swear). Or unleashing a colossal Jesus-love hug onto my unsuspecting roommate. It was great and unexpected and definitely free-flowing. However, as of yet it hasn’t translated to the piano. But then again, until recently my worship didn’t consist of ANY original music. So I will take whatever comes, ride whatever worship wave God sends to me, and praise Him for blessing me with intimacy!

God bless!

~Rebekah A

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Worship

  1. I feel like you at times. Yesterday on my way to work I was listening to a song, I am not sure of the actual name of the song but it is an older one with the words “my guy” in it, I replaced those words with “my God” and felt, as one might say, gigglly inside and out. I love my God, as you love your God rather they are the same or not. I am sure they are, for there is only one true God, he may go by many names, what matters most is what is in our heart. Please don’t carry a sword. God Bless.

    • No swords from me. Just love. 🙂 It is easy sometimes to write off a person or group because their beliefs have a core difference. Easy, but tragic. You break out of that mold to still read faithfully and still write comments and it is awesome. We at Being Rebekah appreciate you for that. 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s not really me though. I had zero singing/songwriting/creative music ability….and I do mean ZERO….until I started tapping into it in worship. Jesus is the beautiful one. I just write down what He puts in my head. 🙂

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