Praise Report! (and a song)

I found out yesterday that my little cousin (‘little’ = freshman in college) has a tumor on her lung that was impeding her breathing. She went to the hospital for a biopsy; I went to my knees to pray.

Today I found out that her tumor is indeed cancerous. BUT it is extremely slow-growing and they will be able to remove it with surgery. AND, not only that, she will be able to finish out her school year first. No withdrawal or missing a semester necessary.

So I am full of praise today, and praying into God’s will over her life. Maybe He wants to show her more of Himself through this. Regardless I know there’s a plan, and I am praying into it wholeheartedly. I trust Him enough for that.

And because my praise has me bursting into song at random points throughout the day, I have a song for you:

God bless!

~Rebekah A

5 thoughts on “Praise Report! (and a song)

    • For me, I don’t go directly to praying for healing. I know that God can and does heal. I’ve seen healing miracles before. But I feel like my view of any situation is SO small compared to His view and His plan. He knows what He’s doing. I trust Him with my life and I know He loves my cousin just as much, so I trust Him with her life too. I trust Him with all of our lives. So I tend to pray into His will over someone’s life, and just give myself over to Him to guide my prayers. Because He knows what needs to happen, where I don’t. Sometimes He does lead me to pray for healing. Other times it is something else. In this case, there wasn’t a ‘healing’, but we DID think that it would be much more aggressive than it was because of the way the symptoms were. So even without a healing it was definitely a blessing, and I know He has a plan even in this. So my prayers will still be for His will to be done in her life.

  1. And they were healed as they went…I try to keep that thought in mind when some news like this comes to me. God heals in a number of ways: immediately, over time or he gives us grace to endure. However He decides to tackle our problems these things are certain: He’s with us; He hears us and every thing will work out for our good and for His glory.

    I will keep you and your family in prayer Rebekah.


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