Song of the Day: Show Jesus by Jamie Grace

Last night I had an interesting conversation with a recent acquaintance of mine. He wanted to know my thoughts on homosexuality.  It was pretty clear he went in with the idea that if I said it was wrong that he would never speak to me again. I prayed for wisdom on what words to say- not because I so deeply cared if he left my life (he really isn’t any part of my life)- but because all times can be a moment to bring people closer to understanding principles of God.   I honestly don’t want to delve into my stance because this topic is controversial and I like keeping my posts about my personal main focus in life: showing God’s love.

I wrote a bit about this before in my post “The God of Love”.  I think the amazing part of everything is that by the end of the conversation I stood by the Bible but I also opened his eyes to the fact that just because one may not agree with someone else, it doesn’t mean they have to hate them nor shun them.  This Jesus, He is all about bringing people together and having peace be in the midst.  We don’t have to fight or hurt others.  Just show them Jesus. Show them love and God will do the rest and reveal as He wills. Let your light be so bright- the light of His love- that it’s evident who you are for.

In love,

Rebekah M.


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10 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Show Jesus by Jamie Grace

    • YES! and I’m glad that I could make a case for not cutting someone off just because you don’t agree… it’s interesting how some people have the belief that disagreeing on this subject means that one side hates the other- this doesn’t have to be!

  1. One thing I always say, we can apologise for offending someone but we must never apologise for God’s word. It must have been a difficult conversation but I’m glad it turned out the way it did 🙂

  2. Love the song, and, since God woke me up while living under tha label of lesbian, I have chose to remain with God and know I seek no relationship. If it be Gods will for me to have a mate someone to love and be loved faithfully then God will give. You see the last relationship was not faithful. BUT God is Faithful, Kind and Loving.

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