Stirring in the Spirit

A few things are happening spiritually around here.

First, my roommate Jimmy and I are on a road trip to Orlando. We left Wednesday morning and arrived there Friday evening. For the most part, it’s been an uneventful drive but several cool things have happened. To start with, we began our morning with prayer on Friday. For the first time ever! Then, when traffic or delays came up he would pray about it (we were trying to arrive early enough to visit our dear friend Scott, who has been in the hospital for months now). When good things happened, he gave thanks immediately to the Lord. And Friday night, after seeing Scott, we prayed again. Not just any prayer, either. We WORSHIPPED together. Like sang and worshipped, and prayer followed that.

I have prayed with my roommate before but I”ve never seen him quite this spiritually aware.  And there’s definitely never been any pure worship. It is so cool to see the work that God is doing in his heart! I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Scott, meanwhile, is out of it. He is awake sometimes. He is unable to speak due to the hospital respirator, but he is able to mouth requests to his mother. God told me awhile ago that He wanted to heal him (of the infection and his spiritual/emotional battles), but He also wanted some serious prayer to happen, and even laying hands on him. I found it hard to facilitate that and find someone to do that in Florida while I was in New York. Now, however, I’m here in person. I’ve been in that room both days that I’ve been here and plan to be there every day that I’m here for. That is a major shift in the sort of spiritual holding pattern I’ve been feeling over him. I am ready to follow God’s lead and ready to be used. I pray that I don’t get bogged down in the emotion of it but just abide in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and allow Him to move in me and through me. Jesus take the wheel!

The other part of Scott’s situation is his girlfriend Rebekah. She has been known to lie and manipulate, and I’ve always chalked it up to internal emotional pain, insecurity, and just a broken spirit. I pity her when I think about it. And I was happy that Scott was happy. But when I heard more this week about how deep the lies go, the depth of the manipulation and vindictiveness, how badly she treats him, how scared he was of her, and how unhappy he really has been with her, it was like a punch to the stomach. Scott is my friend, and he’s Jimmy’s best friend of 35 years or so. He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy as a young child, and has always fought the disease with everything he had. Yet now he doesn’t want to fight. Now he actually wants to die – not because of the disease, but  so that he escape the web he’s been trapped in.

I spent some time with the Lord over this one. I pray for Scott regularly, and Rebekah too. And since her behavior is so shocking, I instantly gave it to God for discernment. What brokenness could I pray for? What chains holding her down could the sword that is the Word of God break? What inner need or void was she trying to fill. Jesus guide my words and give me your heart for this girl. What Jesus told me was, it’s beyond her human brokenness now. Maybe it started out that way but it has progressed. What is gripping her now is pure evil. Evil. A quote comes to mind from the movie The Dark Knight: “because some men aren’t looking for anything logical…they can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” And that is what her actions boil down to – lighting matches, sparking and accelerating fires, and laughing as the flames build up. She’s not beyond redemption. Those places of inner emotional pain certainly still exist. So again, I give it to Jesus.

I sense a spiritual battle is imminent. I don’t know over who or what. But I know that this isn’t any run-of-the-mill road trip. God has plans for my time here. I ask for your prayers over the whole situation – for me to say and do what God wants and truly abide in Him in this; to intercede for Rebekah and for Scott, respectively; and for God to continue moving in my roommate’s heart. Thanks and I’ll keep you posted as God leads the remainder of the trip.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

9 thoughts on “Stirring in the Spirit

  1. The spiritual battle has already begun! When will the laying on of hands take place? I’m lifting up you and your friends and this situation – for God’s wisdom and guidance, and that He will set His holy angels guard around Scott and prevent any spiritual evil from coming near. Looking forward to your updates.

    • Thank you!! And I’m not sure when exactly. I am following God’s lead and timing, and I’m still not sure what He’s got in mind for it. One thing to pray for, is for our time with Scott to not be hindered. Today we went to visit and they were taking him down for a CAT scan so we weren’t allowed in the room. The other days he has been awake and alert enough to ask for things but not really alert enough to acknowledge our presence. So pray for that and if God wants to use me or my roommate that He would open the doors to make it happen. I want NOTHING in that room and NOTHING surrounding him that isn’t of Jesus. 🙂

  2. Battles can and are won with the Love of God, Jesus, Spirit, Christ. Even if ones body is left to the dust the Spirit lives on. The battle is within those who remain. The laying of hands can be good but beware of the laying of hands that are not pure. If battle rages inside one who is not pure then evil can passed through the laying of hands to another. I speak with experience of receiveing the evil that passes from anothers hand. God knows what is best for you and your friends. Give all to God, for he gives wisdom in such matters.

    • I am definitely trusting Him. To me, it’s a jumble. But He knows what is going on and what I need to do, and He will guide me through it. How great to serve a God who is so attentive to the nuances of our hearts!

  3. LORD, please give wisdom, knowledge, guidance and travel mercies. May Your presence be felt. I pray that the evil that is present will be pushed back by the presence of the LORD. Satan you are not welcome there, flee. May Jesus love, grace and mercy flood that hospital room and those who are there. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Amen Amen! And thanks! Stuff has been going on, obstacles preventing us from really seeing Scott. And I can’t tell if it’s to ensure God’s timing or if it’s more of an attack to prevent my praying. But I have put it in God’s hands so many times – I totally trust that He is orchestrating every second and every move. He is such an able God!

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