So, the last time I talked to you (you can read the post here) I was ready to lay hands on my friend Scott in the hospital and pray over him. There was a lot going on spiritually, and I could feel God really moving.

Since then, things have been weird. We went to visit Scott on Sunday and we were not allowed in the room because he was on his way down for some tests (a CAT scan of his g-tube site). Then we went to visit him the next day (Monday) and his father, who has recently had a stroke and is staying in a rehab nearby, was there visiting also. We spent a lot of time and attention on him and didn’t get much of a chance to chat/pray privately with Scott. Yesterday, Tuesday, I had a random inexplicable stomach flu and was violently ill all day. Meanwhile, Scott was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday after a 10-week stay. He is continuing to recover at home, but is really anxious and scared. Today, Wednesday, we went to visit him and were informed that he was too ‘out of it’ for visitors and there was too much going on with getting the house ready for him again and training his new nurse. Meanwhile, the things I hear about his fiance/wife/girlfriend continue to be sad and disturbing.

I don’t have any discernment on these delays. Are they an attack against God’s plan? Are they God’s way of ensuring His timing is met? I don’t know. But I trust God’s plan and His timing implicitly. In the meantime, I am trying not to get bogged down in the heartbreak of it all, and am trying to keep my heart open to serve as I’m called.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

5 thoughts on “Update

  1. A mother in Christ once told me about her worry for a son that had moved across country. Through the Holy Spirit she discerned that he was in trouble and, as a mother, she worried. But, God reassured her in prayer and let her know that her prayers could go where she can’t. Don’t think of your lack of physical presence as a hindrance; this may be an opportunity for you too to experience that peace of letting your prayers go where you can’t.

    No matter our physical limitations, our prayers always reach the Mercy Seat of God. Pray on Rebekah and trust God for the rest.


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