A Prayer of Rejoicing

I recieved my medical doctor degree yesterday.  As I recited the physicians oath I started tearing and choking up to the point I was almost whispering some of the words.  I truly do believe in it being a life of service and dedication to my fellow man. As they told us we were officially doctors I thanked Jesus with all my heart- knowing my journey was only beginning but also knowing that some of the hardest years of my life were over.  In 24 months I moved over 20 times.  It would have been so easy not to go to church.  Yet God sustained me. It would have been easier to give up at times.  Yet God sustained me. He truly was my strength and my redeemer. He was the constant in my inconsistent world.

Thank You. With all of my grateful heart I say THANK YOU MY LORD AND MY GOD. Thank You.
Rebekah M.

20 thoughts on “A Prayer of Rejoicing

  1. Oh Rebekah, I am rejoicing with you! Congratulations! What a wonderful gift you have been given by the LORD! You and the Great Physician can work side by side with you truly being His hands, His heart and His eyes and His ears! I am so very happy for you but also for all the ones who will need a physician who truly cares about their spirit as much as they do about their physical body! Praise the LORD to the Highest Heavens! Again I say rejoice!!

    • Thank you Toni! 🙂 Yes, God is SO amazing and wonderful! I cannot praise and thank Him enough!!! What a mighty God He is to make our dreams come to life! 🙂 I believe He will help me be the best doctor that I can be for my future patients 🙂

    • haa haa thank you!!!!! I have been celebrating the last few days with my family who all took extra days of vacation so we could all see a few sights together and we were all as excited as your comment is!!!! 🙂 haa haa 🙂 what a wonderful God we serve to give us blessings beyond our dreams 🙂

    • Yes! and given that my medical school didn’t have a set hospital but multiple one spread across MULTIPLE states and I went literally from Long Island all the way to Indiana, it was even more stress to be moving around so much…but I learned this: GOD IS FAITHFUL. 🙂 Praise Jesus!!!! 🙂

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