Finally Sinking In

Today I was a bit frustrated. Our aide stopped showing up for good, prompting my roommate to fire him. This leaves me to pick up the slack in terms of driving my roommate to and from work. This takes almost half the day.

All of this comes right after our Orlando trip, when we’re only home for about a week and a half before we leave again to drive to Las Vegas. Yes I said drive. From New York City to Las Vegas.

Needless to say I’m a little busy and the aide no-showing inconveniences me greatly.

But that’s not all. We are going to Vegas for a reason. What is the reason you ask? Why, the Hooters bikini pageant of course! Do I want to go? Not particularly. I went last year. I’m going this year. I’m open to be used there however God sees fit, and for that reason it doesn’t bother me. It does bother me that the money we are using to take the over-2-week-long road trip takes away from our budget for some MUCH needed home repairs. We have holes in our countertop. Linoleum worn through. Pieces of siding that fell off. Etc. Why bikinis are more important than these things is beyond me. This is a recurring issue between my roommate and I, but God has told me to trust Him on it and so I’m trying.

So here I am, doing all this work to prepare for something I’m not overly excited about, getting completely screwed over by the no-show aide, and I had a “why me?” moment. I admit it. I’m an ingrate. I’m about to go on a 2-week vacation and I’m sitting here going ‘why me?’. Yikes.

But nonetheless, that’s what I was thinking, and then it hit me. The strongest prayer of my heart lately has been to tap into the ability to see with God’s eyes, have His heart for people no matter what they’re doing, and love beyond myself and my circumstances. I’ve been praying that incessantly. All of these inconveniences and annoyances are nothing more than chances to do just that.

And so tonight, I take my frustration and am thankful for it. It is stretching and growing me. Praise the God who hears and answers! I delight to be His!

God bless!

~Rebekah A

One thought on “Finally Sinking In

  1. if that isn’t the Lord using you to minister to people (me) I don’t know what is. More practice in God’s rest and patients. Keep praying. He is Faithful to Complete what He has started in You. Thank You Father for Your servant Rebekah

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