An Ode to Fathers

Again, Rebekah A and Rebekah M are doing a joint post for a special day for parents 🙂

Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow. ~James 1:17 NIV


One of my favorite churches sings a song that says “Shine down Your light on me. Let the people see. For in Your presence darkness flees. Father of lights shine down on me. Father of lights shine down on me.”  Until I read the above scripture, I was so confused by that song. The people would even start seeming almost frenzied in their praise to Jesus and almost made me feel wrong for joining in.  I’m happy to say things are much better between my dad and I for which I am SO grateful for everyone’s prayers and for Jesus who intervened and gave my dad new hope 🙂 We can all have our down moments but thank Jesus for being such a good, merciful, faithful, strengthening God!! 🙂   I know that God gave me to my parents so that I could have a good upbringing. I am thankful for all the years of love they poured into me and all the times that my dad forgave me for disrespecting him.  It’s amazing how a good father really does represent Jesus in our lives.  A good father always forgives, always hopes the best, always wants the best for us, and is always willing to suffer so that we might have a better life.  Puts reprimanding us above our temporary favor so that we might have better character. Thank You Jesus for being the BEST Father 🙂  Thank You God! 🙂 ~Rebekah M.

I think Rebekah M’s post is awesome. I know I, like many of you, have two fathers to thank today. First is my father who raised me, coached my sports teams, drove me absolutely everywhere, taught me everything I know about home improvement, and comes from New Hampshire to New York to take care of the home improvement projects that I don’t know how to handle – with nothing but dinner as payment. My earthly father who showed me how to be an obedient daughter and how to give the best of myself to all I do. Because of the love of this father, I can recognize the loving arms, guidance, and discipline of my second Father, the heavenly Father who is watching over me every second of every day. Because of my heavenly Father, I was blessed to have the upbringing I’ve had, blessed to exist, blessed to be me. Blessed to be a daughter in the first place. That was my first role, really. I was a daughter before I was anything or anyone else. And I’ve been one ever since. There is definitely Daddy teamwork going on in my life. My father has no idea how often he has been the hands that deliver the blessings of my heavenly Father. With both of them, their love is unconditional, unending, and stronger than any problems life could throw at me. Today I give thanks for them, reflect over their influence in my life, and take delight all over again in being a daughter. Thank you Jesus for bringing me to my family, and for being such an intricate part of it.   ~Rebekah A

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