Prayer Monday: A Prayer for Energy

I’m exhausted.  Not even slightly tired, pure exhaustion. Anyone else ever been there? I feel like I could sleep for hours on end. So why don’t those of you who do join me now in this prayer:


I’m so very tired and I’m even so tired I barely feel like I can stay awake long enough to say this, but I trust You. I trust that You can be my strength.  I trust that You can be all things to me.  I trust that when I need it most, You will bless me with an extra dose of energy.  I need You to fill my desperate needs so that I can get done what must be done. Bless me indeed Lord, bless me indeed. Be everything I need and give me the strength to finish what I must today and give me a new day tomorrow.

Thank You Jesus,

Rebekah M.

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