Sharing Our Testimonies

On Su720361_friendshipnday we had a guest preacher at our church. He gave his testimony about the incredible things that God has helped him overcome. He quoted Revelation 12:11 in his sermon. On my last post one of our regular readers (and recent guest blogger) left me a comment referencing this same verse. As a result, I asked God to give me some opportunities this week to share what the Lord has done for me.

Amazingly, in the last two days I have been able to share my personal testimony at work twice! There is a young woman from Shanghai who started working in my building recently. She has a passing understanding of many world religions, but was basically raised without any religious tradition in her life. She has never experienced the transforming power of Christ. It was so exciting to be able to share with her how He has transformed my life. Somehow God must have used what I shared to touch her because today she came in with another employee and requested I tell him what I told her! It is my prayer that this is the beginning of a walk for each of them that ends with them hearing our Lord proclaim, “Well done thou good and faithful servant…enter thou into the joy of the Lord” (Matthew 25:23).

Our testimonies are powerful. They have the ability to help us overcome, the ability to build faith in others and can be used to help open the door for their hope in the transformational power of a Savior. So get out there, be bold for Jesus and share your testimony. Let us know in the comments how God has used your testimony to touch others.

In His Love,

Rebekah L.

13 thoughts on “Sharing Our Testimonies

  1. I recently was given the opportunity to share my testimony with my older sister. We spent 2 hours discussing how God has transformed my life and how he can become a part of hers as well. Was the best talk we have ever had together and not only bought us closer together as sisters but was also such a blessing as I had prayer that very morning that God would move in her life.

    • Hmm, I had never thought of it like that, but I see what you mean. May God enlarge all of our borders to have greater influence on those people around us for Him!

  2. Sharing my testimony is my ministry. God has seen me through a wide variety of experiences, giving me a testimony that is relevant to people in many walks of life, and who are in the midst of many types of trials. We overcome the enemy by the *word of our testimony* and by the blood of the Lamb. I’m always eager to take back a bit of what he took from me and help others do likewise.


    • Amen, amen!! Reading some of your testimonies through the posts you have written has helped and inspired me in my walk with the Lord! May God increase your ministry to reach more souls for Him!

      • Thanks for your encouraging words. Some days I ask, “What’s the point? Does any of this really matter to anyone out there?” The blog had taken off, though. God is sending His word out through me to the world…countries I would never have reached in person. I suppose one should expect that the enemy will not take that lying down, and so whispers lies in my ear. Enough already! 😉


        • Indeed, the more you reach people with the hope of Christ, the more the enemy is going to fight you, but “Greater is He that is within you, than he that is in the world!” Reject the lies of the enemy and keep marching forward for the Lord! 🙂

  3. Amen! Daily I am allowed to share all the wonderful miracles that the LORD has accomplished in the life of my husband. He is awesome and faithful & I thank Him for the opportunity He supplies for me to share.

  4. Our church offers a discipleship class. One of our assignments is to have prepared a one minute, three minute, and five minute testimony, and a longer one. The idea being you can determine which one you used based on the time you have. We are also told we don’t have to tell the whole story, just pick pieces that might fit. For example, if I’m with a mom I can share parts of my testimony that revolve around raising kids, if I’m with a writer, writing, etc. I just had a testimony interview taped for a show our church does called Just Say So – it is short testimonies – there is a facebook page for the show. I did one years ago and have just had another interview.

    During our discipleship class we all give a one minute testimony – and it is awesome hearing the stories of other members (our class was sixty strong). Then our pastor said that if you are talking to someone who doesn’t have the same experiences you have you can pull from the testimonies you’ve heard and say, I didn’t experience what you did, but I know someone who ….

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