Breaking Tradition

For the last two years, July 4th has marked the beginning of a new relationship for me.  It was not intended but I ended up starting to date my 2nd boyfriend a year almost to the day that I first dated my first boyfriend. It was pretty clear (in retrospect) that boy #2 was a rebound relationship.  I thought that waiting 6 months was smart and “clearly I was staying away from allowing myself to get into a rebound.”  In the end though, boy #2 was the exact opposite of boy #1 and not always in good ways.  This year though, it’s almost a relief that I’m not starting anything new. Yes, I like the excitement of a new relationship, but it just seems that I can’t break the cycle of always going for the wrong guy.

Hopefully, just as there are no new boys in my life right now, traditions of bad habits will break and maybe, just maybe, God will finally deem me and my “Isaac” as ready to finally meet.

To new, healthier traditions,

Rebekah M.

One thought on “Breaking Tradition

  1. Dear,
    After reading your post, I felt like telling you that GOD has a purpose for all things and the right guy will come if you only seek GOD and ask HIM to bring to you your special one.

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