Prayer Monday: Lead Me Lord


As my days start to mesh because of how busy I am, I can’t help but take the time and ask You to lead me. Jesus, let my life reflect what YOU want it to reflect.  Help lead and guide me as I navigate these winding roads.  Help me listening intently for Your still, small voice so that I know which path to take for You LEAD us, not push us. You go before us, preparing the way, and ask us to follow You.

I will follow You.

Rebekah M.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Monday: Lead Me Lord

    • Thanks for joining me! 🙂 I could never be able to survive my job as a doctor with Him leading and guiding me. There is so much weight to know that lives truly are in my hands. I desperately need Him to always be my guide not only for me, but for them as well. When I submit all I do into His hands- it means that my patient’s lives are thus in HIS hands! What a wonderful place for them to be!

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