“I’ll Use Them To Pray”

Yesterday was my birthday and my roommate got me flowers. Pink roses – my favorite color. Beautiful. They’re decorating the top of the piano as I type.

Before I had the chance to put them in the vase, his aide saw them and said “Oh you have flowers. You can give them to me. I will use them to pray.” He is a devout Hindu and so flowers feature heavily in his spiritual life.

Now, I have no qualms about giving my things away if I can spare them. Especially things like flowers. But this time around, all I could think of was how God created these perfect blossoms, for no real reason other than to bless the world with their beauty, and here was someone trying to use God’s gift to worship false gods and idols. I had a visceral reaction to the idea. What a slap in the face to Jesus!

Then it hit me how many times I’ve done exactly that. Taken a blessing, taken a gift, directly from God because of His love and mercy towards me, and misused it. Utilized it in a way that helped me at the time but that hurt Him. Failed to obey and use His gifts for their intended purpose.

I’ve done that. Of course I’ve done that. We’ve all probably done that. But it took birthday flowers to get me to truly realize God’s sorrow when His blessings go so unnoticed, misused, and taken for granted. And so today I have a heart of repentance and humility, but also for praise. Because even though we misuse, abuse, and fail to fully appreciate His gifts, He gives them anyway. He loves us anyway. Through His own hurt and sorrow, He loves us anyway. He keeps giving. He keeps blessing. He stays faithful to us.

What a merciful God we serve!

God bless!

Rebekah A

7 thoughts on ““I’ll Use Them To Pray”

    • He really is. I was thinking about it again today while worshiping and was almost moved to tears. His love is deep and profound and unconditional….but so simple and pure. It’s amazing.

    • Thanks! That’s what I’m hoping for too. He is very devout and doesn’t have much interest at all in Christianity, but I am just trying to be a blessing to him where I can, even making separate vegetarian food for him when he’s fasting, and let God guide things from there.But yes, I would love to see a stirring in his heart!!

  1. Mercy is the Word of the Week, it would seem. We have received so much of it, and easily take it for granted. Steve Berger from Grace Chapel in Lieper’s Fork was speaking on this just last night.

    Beautiful illustration. I’m glad you didn’t give up your blossoms!


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