Song of the day/Prayer Monday: Healer


Working as night float, our job is literally to keep everyone alive through the night. From the wee babies to the 90 year old grandparents, there are two of us taking the calls for everyone in our care in the hospital. Although not every patient in the hospital is ours, we deal with a range of complaints from “my patient is having watery diarrhea” to “this baby is here for withdrawl since mom was taking heroin while she was pregnant.”

Throughout all of this I know one thing is true: Jesus is our healer.  From what ails the body to what binds the soul, He is the one who can bring the ultimate healing. I cannot take away the diabetes or cancer. I cannot mend the the past pain of being raped years ago as a child. But I know a God, and His name is Jesus Christ and He died for our sins because He loved us that much.  By His stripes- the 40 stripes inflicted by the ripping flogs- we are healed.

Dear reader- let it sink in today that no matter what hurt or pain has come your way in this world- Jesus not only CAN take it away, He WILL take it away if you just ask!  Know that sometimes with things like diabetes, He may not automatically heal you. You might have to learn to eat better and work out more (I myself am a diabetic and threw my meds away once believing He healed me since I knew He could).  But this journey of learning to balance food, exercise, and a healthy life because of the diabetes is one that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  We can live a better and full life- even if that means living with a daily disease. We can have painful events in our past that God can use to touch others and give hope to the hopeless. Let Him flood your heart and soul with His love right now and find that He is our healer!

In Him,

Rebekah M.

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