I have been getting bogged down lately in things I want Jesus to do. They’re all good things. But I’ve been so consumed with prayer over this, prayer over that, intercession, and just seeing all the shortcomings of the world that I have been neglecting one simple thing: my relationship with Jesus.

It’s the classic ‘can’t see the forest through the trees’ problem. I am so busy calling out to Jesus, going through my days in a whirlwind and praying to Him as I need to, that I forget to simply be with Him. He is, after all, my Groom. The Lover of my soul. My one true Husband. These are the relationship dynamics that I have been forgetting to foster lately.

So today it’s time for a reconnect. To sit in His presence, focusing on His love and beauty, not the work I’d love to see Him do. To walk through the day in step with Him. To seek His heart and let Him woo mine. I’ve missed Him!!

I hope you take a minute today to do the same.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

7 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. Earlier this evening I had some devotional time. My thoughts were as I sat down, I have to do this. Then I heard a voice say, “No it’s relationship I want. Have a devotional time because you want a relationship with me.” One hour later I read this blog. WOW! I get the feeling God is saying something.

  2. The old devil of distraction. We all are victim of it from time to time, however we do not always realize it. Thanks for reminding me of that!

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