The God of the Impossible

I have been talking to a Buddhist man at my job about Jesus for awhile now. He always listens to what I have to say and compares and contrasts my beliefs with his own, but I was never really sure if he took anything I said to heart. To me, it seemed that he wasn’t really interested in Christianity beyond an academic understanding.

Today something interesting happened. This man’s son stopped by my office (his son also works for our company). I rarely talk to the son because we don’t work in the same department and most of the decisions for this family are handled by dad. The son asked me a couple of work related questions, but each time I thought his question was answered, he hesitated about leaving. Finally, I asked him if there was something else he wanted to talk to me about. He took a deep breath and gave me a half nod. He said, “you’ve been talking to my father a lot recently, right?” He then stuck his head out of my office door to quickly look down the corridor to make sure no one was around to hear what he was about to say. I suspect he was double checking to make sure his father wasn’t within earshot. When he determined the coast was clear he said, “My dad wants us to ask Jesus to reunite our family.” You see, my co-worker and his sons are in the United States while his wife and two daughters remain in his home country. For legal and political reasons they have not been able to return home, nor bring the rest of the family to the US. Apparently my co-worker told his son, “We tried our home country’s government and that didn’t work, we tried this country’s government and that didn’t work, we tried lighting incense, we tried burning paper and none of it worked. What harm can come from trying Jesus?”

So the son asked me if I told his father that praying to my God would bring their family back together. The son was very nervous and careful with his words, but it was clear that his family has been through a lot and he didn’t like the idea of me giving his father false hope. He feels it is useless to keep pining away for something that is impossible and he does not want to see his father’s spirits crushed by yet another disappointment.

I can understand that he wants to protect his father from further pain and I admire him for his effort to do so. The thing is that I never told his father that Jesus could reunite their family. To be honest, his father never talks about the family back home and as insensitive and naive as it might sound, it actually never occurred to me that this was something he would consider. All I have done is share the testimonies of things Jesus has done in my own life. The fact remains though, that Jesus can bring his family back together! He is the God of the impossible! It is when things seem most impossible that Jesus can move. It is often when we have tried everything else and we are most desperate that God can show us who He is and what He is capable of.

Please pray with me that this man and his son will step out in faith to ask Christ to do the impossible in their lives. Pray that God will honor that faith with a mighty move to reunite this family. Pray that they will know without a doubt Who it was that answered their prayer and endeavor to follow the One True God. God is able!

In His Love,

Rebekah L.

16 thoughts on “The God of the Impossible

    • She actually moved out of state recently. She is still keeping in touch with me via weekly phone calls and I am still praying for her and believing God for her salvation. I am grateful for the friendship we were able to develop during our unconventional prayer time. My heart yearns for her to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

  1. God I pray for this family. I stand in the gap on their behalf asking that you would hear their request for their family to be one again. I hear this father’s heart to be united who his wife and daughter. He is in great anguish about it. I sense his hopelessness. God you are his hope. He has tried so much and has found no answers. God you are his answer, so I speak out that you are the one who is able to unite and restore. You can make the impossible possible. So we look to you today and believe that you can reveal your love for this family. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Thank you so much for this heartfelt prayer. I join you in your entreating the Lord to answer this request. In Jesus’ name!

  2. What a beautiful example you’ve set for us to follow (which I realize isn’t the reason you posted this…so we could applaud you). I’m applauding anyway, and asking for more workers in the field like you who can represent Jesus to the lost.

    In the meantime, Abba, You said that You do not wish for any to perish, but that all would come to repentance. I’m asking You for this family. Would You give them the gift of faith to believe in You? In addition, I ask that You would reunite this family under Your banner – all in the same country. You’ve shown Yourself mighty, and Your arm isn’t so short that You can’t save. Will You please? Because I know that this is in accordance with Your will, I thank You for the sure answer to come. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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