From the Depths

This month has been incredibly trying. As I am finally in to my last shift of night float, I cannot help but take some time (and finally stop neglecting you wonderful and hopefully patient and faithful readers) to reflect on how good God has been!

From every kind of patient- baby to great-grandma, true sickness where they could die to watching overnight but most likely they are fine (but we have to keep them because of the symptoms they reported), to pleasant or angry- GOD HAS BEEN RIGHT BY MY SIDE.

This has truly been a trial by fire month. You go 14 hours from 6PM to 8AM Sunday night- Friday morning and then have another 2hours in office Friday morning from 8AM-10AM.  I have learned SO much and yet I know that I have SO MUCH MORE to learn!  What an amazing God though who would do things like give me wisdom on knowing how to handle a patient who was truly drug seeking (and showed it in ways I cannot explain since I do NOT like giving out details online even if I blog anonymously) to helping stop the bleeding when it seemed there was no end in sight- my God is awesome.

So from the depths of my soul and with all that I am, I praise Him! I thank Him! He truly is faithful! If He can give me wisdom that felt like a glimpse of how Solomon must have felt (it was just an instinct within my soul but something that I inherently knew was from God) then He can do it for you too! If He can care for the health and wellbeing of my patients, He can do so for you and your family! Trust this God from the depths of who you are and find Him to be just as faithful and ever wonderful as I have this month!

Thank You Jesus.

Rebekah M.

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