Prayer Monday: Digging the Channel

I recently have been talking with people about the concept that prayer and fasting is like digging a channel to God.  There are times in our lives where we feel like nothing is moving. The water is only a trickle but we’re working SO HARD! Dig, dig, dig and yet it feels like barely any reward.  What we don’t always see and don’t always know is that the enemy is working behind the scenes… throwing rocks and dirt in but if we just keep digging and keep praying- with God we can work faster and harder and before you know it, the water will break loose and NOTHING will be able to stop the flood that takes over. We have to continue to pray and fast because the enemy will always keep trying to close up that channel again, and even the cares of life can fill it up too, but if we keep digging, keep praying and fasting, the things of God will just flow through our life and praise God- what a wonderful flood it will be!  🙂

Waiting for the flood while continuing to dig,

Rebekah M.

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